2021 Audi Q5 hybrid - Comparisons please

trying to decide in the luxury SUV market between the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60, and also comparing the hybrids? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I think the real answer depends on your goals. Do you want the most reliable, the lowest cost, the sexiest, the most versatile, the one that impresses the neighbors, the cutest salesperson…or …other objectives?

Right, reliability, top safety features and a good drive. I really like the Q5e (I think a sharp car, fun to drive car) but should probably get the more sensible choice of the Volvo XC60. The challenge is so many nice cars available on the market.

If you decide a green choice is the right choice for you, then try the RAV4 Prime.

If you want luxury and reliability in a CUV hybrid I’d get the Lexus RX hybrid.

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Consumer Reports recommends the Q5, states that it is “one of the best choices among compact luxury SUVs”, and they gave it an overall score of 78.

CR also liked the X3, but gave it an overall score of 69, probably due in part to the BMW’s “worse than average” reliability rating.

CR gave the XC60 an overall score of 60, and noted that–like the BMW–its reliability was “worse than average”. They also stated that the Volvo had an “overly stiff” ride and that it suffered from “convoluted and distracting controls”.

If you’re interested in broadening your horizons, CR’s top-rated vehicle in that category is the Lexus RX350. It has reliability that is “better than average”, and they gave it an overall score of 80.
In case you were shying away from the RX350 because of mediocre handling characteristics, the updating of that vehicle as of 2020 gave it improved handling as well as braking. It still doesn’t handle as well as the Audi or the BMW, but is is much better than it used to be.

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I’d strongly recommend against the X3. My mom had one. She dumped it while it was still in warranty because she was tired of it breaking all the time.

I concur with those suggesting the Lexus SUV’s. Acura’s RDX is good, too. And if you wait till fall, Genesis brings out their new GV-80 SUV, and that thing is getting rave reviews from the automotive press.

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Just say no to European luxury brands.


The Lexus Hybrids don’t get the same gas mileage as the same size Toyota Hybrid. I think Lexus went for performance and comfort.

RX450h gets about 1 mpg better than the V6 Highlander hybrid, according to Fuelly, 27 mpg vs. 26 mpg.

It appears that 2019 was the last year for a V6 hybrid powertrain in the Highlander, 2020 and newer have a 4 cylinder engine.

Yep, I forgot they downsized to the 2.5. I wonder if they’ll do that to the RX at the next restyle.

Perhaps, there is now an ES250, (once again) Camry powertrain in a Lexus.

The brand with the nearest dealer. If one is far away, go for the others. That’s all I have because I don’t know the vehicles.

Not according to several sources like Car and Driver.

Toyota Highlander hybrid gets 35/35/35…

As I mentioned above, those were figures for the V6 hybrid. The new 4 cylinder is reported to get 30 mpg average on Fuelly. Looks like Toyota’s going with that 2.5L hybrid setup in lots of vehicles, it’s the only engine available on the Venza and the Sienna.

Toyota stopped making the Highlander V6 Hybrid in 2019. So as I said…Toyota’s Hybrid is more for economy and the Lexus us more for performance.

We’ll see if that holds true with the next RX. Good chance they’ll switch to the 2.5L hybrid drivetrain, now that the Highlander is using it.

That’s a distinct possibility. I’ve driven a 2020 Highlander Hybrid owned by a coworker. It has more then enough power…and considerably better gas mileage then my 2014 Highlander.

Lexus is somewhat of an oddity in that they don’t always upgrade engines when upgrading platforms from a Toyota. A lot of their cars are unique to Lexus but a few are shared. My ES is shared with the Avalon, and both cars run the same motor. They didn’t even tune it for the Lexus variant. It’s plenty powerful enough for me for the intended purpose of the car, but I was surprised that Lexus doesn’t give it the Acura treatment of up-rating the engine.