2020 Volkswagen Tiguan - Brake pad noise?

will new break pads make a rubbing noise on a brand new t roc only miles done 14

Well it is Brake pads and you have a warranty so let the dealer answer this for you .


Brake pads are a normal wear-and-tear item so your warranty probably won’t cover it unless there’s an underlying problem that’s causing the noise. Still, since it’s a new vehicle take it back to the dealer.

considering the OP said 14 miles, I doubt it would be considered a “wear & tear issue”

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Yes but the dealer might not see it that way.

If a dealer is passing things off as wear & tear after (checks notes again) 14 frigging miles he’s not going to be my dealer for very long!

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Pardon me while I check my notes to see where I said the OP would like it. Oh, I didn’t. First, the OP’s post is in garbled English so that we might be talking about 140 miles or 14k. Second, the dealer might determine the OP was riding the brake pedal. Right now we don’t have all the information.

so we should go with what the OP said (hard as it is to read) until we hear otherwise…while 14k is possible on a 2020, I would call it pretty damn unlikely


The Volkswagen T-Roc is sold in Europe and China.

The OP must live awfully close to the dealer to have only 14 miles on the vehicle.

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I would also call it unlikely that a car with 14 miles needs new brakes but you never know.

At 14 miles or 140 it would still be a warranty issue.

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