2018 Volkswagen Tiguan - One brake issue

One rear brake pad has worn down to steel backer while other there rear pads are only half gone ? Could this be a Factory defect or bad EPB adjustment ~ warranty issue ? thank you.

Brake pads are a wear item not covered by the vehicle warranty . Now if the wear was caused by a faulty brake caliper then only the dealer can answer if it covered by your warranty if it still in effect.

But it is something that needs to be fixed. I also suspect you are not keeping up with the service requirements or the excess brake pad wear would have been noticed before it got this bad.

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I think this would fall under almost any new car warranty. From what you describe, the caliper is either frozen or the caliper is malfunctioning and will not retract. Could a parking brake be actuating that caliper? In any case, a single brake behaving differently would be cause to alert your dealer. I have struggled with frozen calipers and frozen parking brakes on my Highlander. I now have the habit of looking at the 4 wheels prior to a car wash to see if one is getting more brake dust than the others. I also touch all four rims once in a while after a drive. You can easily detect a frozen caliper with either method. Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.