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2020 Toyota Camry - Value?

Is a Sonta a better value than a Camry?

Impossible to answer. We don’t know what you value.

I find the Sonata slightly roomier and more comfortable for me (I am a large long legged person). The Sonata can usually be bought for a couple of thousand less and has a much longer warranty.

The Camry has a better reputation for reliability.

When I shopped for a new car almost 8 years ago, I drove them both…and bought the Camry.

In 2017 I considered both Sonata and Camry. Based on price, I got the Sonata. It had a smoother ride, and a quieter cabin. Since I only keep a car for 3 years, Toyota’s reputation for long term reliability wasn’t meaningful to me.

Thank you. As I thought.