2009 Hyundai Sonata vs 2008 Toyota Camry

Hi, what do you think is the better value - a 2009 base Sonata with 45k miles (previous rental) for $10k, or a 2008 loaded Camry with 28k miles for $17k (all service done by the book). Resale value is not a concern to me. Thanks and happy holidays!

AS far as value, the Sonata is much less money for a car that should be very similar to the Camry in performance and reliability. I assume you have checked it out and it is in decent shape. You can almost get two of those with the money for the Camry. Check and see if the Sonata has a timing belt. Also if the Camry is a 6 cylinder then it probably has a timing belt. These would add to cost of ownership.

You can’t compare them. There is no basis for it. Which tastes better; apples or peaches? As a third choice, you could add buying a house. There’s no way to compare that with the other two.

That means that you can buy the one you like best without comparing them.

The recent Sonata’s have compiled good reliability ratings, pretty much equal of Camry on that score. You need to drive both to see how they feel and fit you. The Camry price seems very high for an '08. Do you need the stuff on the “loaded” Camry to make it worth $7,000 more?

If the Sonata has the features you want and need, then you have to see if you feel the Camry is worth the extra $$$? My choice would likely be the Sonata if I liked it after a test drive.

I’d favor the Sonata, especially if you get the remainder of the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

$10,000 is a decent price for the Sonata. The price is about right for a 2008 Camry XLE with stability control, traction control, and heated leather seats. It really depends what you want. Have you driven both cars? How much time will you spend in the car each day? Is the extra cost up front worth it to you? BTW, how do you know all the service was done as required?

I have driven both cars (I know the owner of the Camry and have all the service docs, etc) and are comfortable with both. I drive quite a bit being in LA and while I like the extra amenities of the Camry, the extra amenities are hard to justify being worth an extra 7k. Appreciate all the insight!

Sonata by a far margin if you like the car. Beyond the amenities you are paying for the Toyota nameplate.

I have a 2007 Sonata GLS (4 cylinder with sunroof). I absolutely love this car. I have 108,000 miles on it and all i have done to it is Oil changes, Tires and brakes. From 2007 on all Hyundai engines have timing chains, not belts. Replacing the chain isn’t even in the maintenance manual. Great car at a low cost.

no timing belt, if I remember right,

Assuming they’re both in excellent shape, the Sonata wins by $7,000 and one year. Both are excellent cars, highly comparable (unless the emenities are important to you), and both have comparable life left…they’re both reasonably low mileage.