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Honda or Camry

2011 Camry SE or 2011 Camry LE or 2010 Honda LX-P.

2011 SE is the highest priced but looks great in red exterior and black interior.

They’re both great cars. The Camry has a quieter ride, and I trust the Camry transmission (auto) more than the Honda’s.

Both cars will go 300,000+ miles without major breakdowns (my brother still drives his 1987 Accord!) if maintained by the book.

Buy the one that turns you on most!!

I agree. It’s such a personal choice and you really can’t go wrong. I’d factor in the dealer reputation/cost if that’s where your going for much service.

Apples and oranges. They are all great cars. Just pick the one that suits you best.

The choices are all great ones. You seem to like the SE’s looks, so go with that one. By aware, however, that a black interior can get really hot in the sun.

ThankS!! :smiley: The would be the Camry SE…I feel so much better about my choice now!!

I have a 2010 V6 SE and it’s a great car. Handles great, goes great and stops on a dime. The ride is much stiffer than the LE. You can feel and hear the bumps in the road. If like handling get the SE if you like comfort get the LE.

Are you aware that the 2010 Accord has a $1200 market support payment to the dealer? You can get all of that as a price deduction before taxes. The $750 rebate on the Camry is after taxes. Just to muddy the waters, I suggest you look at a 2011 Hyundai Sonata.

Both excellent cars…The Honda is a better handling car…little more sportier…The Camry is much quieter and a bit roomier. Either are excellent and very reliable.

If you decide to buy a 2011 Sonata, just be sure that yours is not one of the ones with the newly discovered “disconnecting steering shaft”. There is a new recall for this serious defect, but some of the recalled cars could be sitting around on dealer lots without having been repaired.