2020 Toyota Camry - Mystery thing

what is the thing in the back window of a 1994 toyota camry

Please post a picture of “the thing”.


If it’s at the bottom edge in the center of the window, it’s probably the cover of the high mounted brake light.

Well it has been 4 days from the OP, so maybe the mystery thing was a Chupacabra and the OP was eaten.



Heh heh. Reminds me of the “Tingler” way back in the 50’s or 60’s. I don’t remember who I was with at the theater but they had rigged up an air stream or something at the end. She screamed. I still don’t like centipedes.

I don’t know, but you’d better check your passenger side mirror!


If it looks like this

Pull over


“Indiana’s calling, but I can’t go back there . . .” My speedo says 140, I wonder if I could out run him? Yeah I know, just for show.

gosh, so many laughs. I know now it’s a blasted brake light, but i need to take it off. there’s dead bee’s in the darn thing. you all are something. all i wanted to know is how to get it off without destroying the thing…

You have to kind of look it over pretty closely to see how it goes together. It might even be in the owner’s manual. Sometimes there will be a couple of phillips or torx screws holding the whole thing on or if its a sedan, there might be screws coming up from below the window ledge. but really, it’s a new car and if the bulb was burned out, they’d need to do it, so maybe the dealer would just clean it out for you. Or you go by there and ask how to get it apart because they sold you a behive and they should just offer to do it for the five minutes it would take.

Edit: From the manual, page 464 it says to have bulbs replaced by the dealer. I think this is because they are LED so careful not to touch etc. So prolly just have them do it.

That area gets a lot of sun. Sun damages plastic, makes it brittle. So you may have difficulty removing the housing without damaging it. My older Corolla has a similar “thing” in the rear window, so you might ask me how I know that it is easy to damage the housing when attempting to remove it to replace a bulb … lol … On mine it was virtualy impossible to remove the housing without chips of the plastic falling off. I just accepted that was going to happen, and figured out a way to remedy the situation during the re-install. I had to use glue on one spot, and had to come up with a new fastener system to hold it in place, small wooden dowels (i.e. toothpicks) I think is what I used.

One suggestion, when prying on plastic, better if possible to to use a plastic tool rather than a metal one. There are various plastic prying tools available at hardware and auto repair stores.

Here you go. It’s a YouTube video for a 97, may well be very similar. Crawl in the trunk, look up at the place where the light is up above and release two tabs.

97 Camry upper brake light

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Bing, it’s a 1994 Toyota

This person never noticed that third brake light fixture on vehicles in front of her ? Or could not say to friend or relative ( There are bees in that thing ).

Sheesh. The title said 2020. What’s with that?

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Thanks a bunch, i did look at that book cover to cover. the light works, i just wanted to make sure there were no more bee’s in that thing.

a fix it yourself kind of gal… glad your all there…