2020 Subaru Impreza Wagon WRX - Jerks and leaps

It has a jerky start from a stop position. It leaps forward when I’m driving as if it is receiving a surge of gas. It’s a new car. This is my first day driving it. It has 7 miles on the odometer.
It is the Subaru Ascent model. It’s not a model on your list.

Could just be a very responsive throttle and will take time to get used to.

But you should take it to the dealer and have it checked out.

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Did you not test drive this thing ? Is there another driver that will use this and do they have the same problem ? Also return to the dealer as soon as you can and maybe drive an identical vehicle.
If there is a problem it needs to be on record with the dealer.

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Ask the dealer for help and if they say it’s normal ask to test drive one from the lot. Subarus do have sensitive go pedals.

IIRC, this only comes with the CVT and the turbo charged 2.4 engine. The CVT can be a little jerky when cold for some reason but smooths out after a mile or two. I suspect that the turbo might be kicking in just after the CVT starts to smooth out causing another surge in acceleration. That is called turbo lag and that is just the nature of the beast as they say.

Subaru has this pretty well tamed down, but if it is excessive, there may be a problem. It may smooth out after a few miles and everything gets broken in. If it doesn’t get better after about 50 miles or so, then you need to take it back.