2020 Nissan Altima - windshield gasket

Windshield gasket/moulding coming out

It should still be under warranty so bring it to the dealer. if not and you have full glass coverage under your car insurance, A windshield repair shop like Safelight will be able to fix it for free.


Glass trim replaced for free? Would weather strip repairs cause an increase in insurance rates?

IF you have full glass coverage on your insurance and they would have to take the weather stripping out to replace a windshield. why would it cause an increase in insurance rates just to repair the weather stripping?

Failing weather stripping is not broken glass.

New weather strips can be needed with the use of a hammer on the windshield but that is fraud.

Ten years ago, a third party brought a scheme to our dealer, windshield repair.

Driveway attendants were trained to identify stone chips in the glass, not fisheye chips, just small white chips. No problem for the vehicle owner, their insurance company will pay the bill. After two years the number customers complaining about their raise in insurance premiums brought an end to the program.