2020 Lexus ES 300h - make/model of battery

Make and Model of 12 V Battery

The Lexus parts web site doesn’t even list it but the information should be printed on the battery itself. https://parts.lexus.com/

If this is really 2020 you should have some battery warranty left. That is not part of your Lexus warranty . It is separate just like the tires . Also being a Hybrid just play safe and let the dealer put the correct battery in and also check to see if it failed because of another problem.

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The auxiliary battery is an AGM battery, group size LN2.

The factory battery is covered by the basic new vehicle warranty for 4 years/50,000 miles, there is no separate warranty for the original equipment battery.


The AGM battery sold at Toyota dealers is easily 2-3 times the cost of the same aftermarket battery. Not rocket science here. I’m not sure who the OEM battery maker is for Toyota these days. But I surely wouldn’t buy one from the dealer.

Nor would I, but I am fascinated by someone who appears to be ready to buy a battery for his one year old car with a fully-warrantied battery.


Does this battery has special venting requirements? Or is it in the engine compartment?

It is the 12V battery under the trunk.

Ok, that one has special venting requirements. Make you get the correct replacement, if you don’t go to the dealer. But it should be a warranty item.

Are you having battery trouble ? Is there not a label on the battery ? If you are not comfortable changing the battery then use your dealer . Also why take a chance that a place might cause some damage to this expensive vehicle that is still under warranty ?