2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid 12V battery purchse

So, at 6y it’s time to replace the 12V AGM battery in my Avalon Hybrid, just based on age.
Thing is, the dealers want an obscene amount of money for this.
I have heard people talk about an Optima Yellow Top, but at my battery dealer
they say there is no model that fits and has a vent tube.
Does anyone know of an alternative?

Walmart has an Everstart AGM battery for $150, Optima Red Top for $220, and Optima Yellow Top for $255 plus free installation. How does that compare to the dealer?

Much cheaper but they lack vent tubes.

Your Avalon was not a cheap vehicle and possibly putting the wrong battery in might cause expensive damage . I just don’t see any reason to cheap out plus the dealer records will show that the correct battery was installed.


when I needed 12V battery on my old Prius, local AdvanceAuto had some reputable brand for around $200, but if you buy on their web site with local pickup you can easily get 20-30% off with short internet search for a coupon

I would not trust walmart brand

The problem is buying a correct battery.
It is not the Prius 12V battery, that is smaller.

Plus this video does not show hooking up a voltage supply to maintain the car
electronics, which is a potential big hassle.

Have you had the battery tested? With no starting duties, it might be in better shape than you think.

I was just trying to illustrate to the others what you meant by the vent hose.



apparently no stores around me have direct fit batteries listed :frowning:

I recall when I was looking for the proper replacement batteries for Prius, I found on priuschat.com that people were using some marine type of battery with the hydrgen vent tube port present, but it was needed to bolt connections directly, not using the original clamps, it was enough space to fit it inside. I ended up using the purpose-built non-OEM battry and it works great so far

I bet you could use anything what has the vent port and more or less fits the space, in the end it is not a cranking battery, so some difference in capacity will not do much difference

it is also OEM route, but it’s too lame :slight_smile:

OK, so the solution I found:
no aftermarket exact fit works. toyota has these batteries on backorder.
one available locally. going to buy it, have my local mechanic put it in,
save $200 compared with ripoff dealers.

I do not understand the hangup on vent tube, Autozone has many battery choices.

Battery is in the trunk, need the vent tube to keep fumes out of the trunk.


The Toyota dealers rely on Toyota for these (rip-off) batteries, Interstate Battery does not supply the AGM batteries for Toyota vehicles.

Yes, they are made by Panasonic.

Just curious, is it a type 24 AGM battery?