2019 Toyota Prius - Hybrid battery issues

low voltage on hybrid battery

Do you mean the 12V battery?
Do you not trust your Toyota dealership to provide diagnosis/replace/repair options?


Probably should get that looked at.


Assuming you mean the hybrid battery, possible causes include damaged or corroded connector pins. I wouldn’t expect either on a 3 year old vehicle.

Hybrid battery is still under warranty, go to the dealer. If it’s the 12v battery, replace it.


You might also look at Prius forums, like priuschat. Somebody there might have had a similar problem.

I know that Lexus now warranties their hybrid propulsion batteries for 8 years, but it is possible that a 2019 Toyota only has a propulsion battery warranty for 6 years. But, even if it is only warrantied for 5 years, the warranty would still be in effect.

If it’s the 12V battery, while it seems a bit early for that to fail, the 3 year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty that would cover it might (or might not…) still be in effect. If that warranty has run its course, then… off to Autozone…

I wonder if the OP has ever bothered to read the details of his vehicle’s multiple warranties.

It is the Hybrid battery(Propulsion Battery). If it was the 12V normal battery I wopuldn’t waste the forum’s time posting about it.

You did not really specify it was the main battery and not the 12 volt . Also it should still be under warranty and these batteries are not something to mess with unless you actually know what you are doing.

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How many miles have you driven that Prius?
I ask because the battery warranty on that car is 8 years/100k miles–whichever comes first.

If you have driven less than 100k miles, any issues related to the car’s propulsion battery are covered by warranty, and you should be taking those issues up with a Toyota dealership, rather than trying to remedy them yourself.

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@MikeDennis - please give us LOTS more information about your problem. How do you know voltage is low? Do you mean it’s not charging up? Is this a new problem? How many miles? What does your dealer say?

@cdaquila Carolyn , how about combining the 2 threads M. Dennis has ?

The hybrid battery is the high voltage battery. The 12-volt battery is the auxiliary battery.
The dealer diagnosed the problem as low hybrid battery voltage, I don’t believe anyone will get hurt.

Yeah, this is what he said in the other thread:
“Low voltage warning on Hybrid(Propulsion) battery. Dealership has had car over a week and is dragging his feet to replace battery, or repair bad battery module. Fully under warranty.”

Only recourse is to elevate it with Toyota, it would seem.

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