2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid - 12V battery replacement

12 volt battery replacement there are 2 batteries on this car i don’t need the hybrid one i need the 12 volt battery that only starts the car i can get one for 350 dollars I need to know if any other battery will work

The owners manual should give size and specs for the battery. Most 12V batteries are closer to $100 and I wonder if your car actually needs a $350 battery.


i did see the toyo battery for 385 list and 315 sale price. there is a smaller toyo model for 215 but it has a different part number. dont recall. is the toyo an agm battery?

Here’s one for about $200 at Advance. It’s an odd size, not all brands carry it, so it’ll be more expensive. I couldn’t find one at Autozone.

FYI . . .

H6 is the same thing as a group 48 battery

And a group 48 battery is actually quite common on many GM vehicles, as well as some european cars. Costco definitely has group 48 in stock. But they may also insist on calling them H6. Same difference. I have no idea why they have 2 designations for the same battery. Just serves to confuse people.

A H6 is an absorbent glass mat battery.

A group 48 can be lead acid or absorbent glass mat.

Toyota requires an absorbent glass mat battery because of it’s location in the passenger compartment, they don’t want the lead acid battery venting into the passenger compartment


Well, then it makes sense to use that type of battery. AGM batteries have different charging needs, compared to lead acid batteries. Cars that come with them are designed to use and maintain them according to their special requirements.

Here’s the OEM Toyota battery based on your model. You can enter your VIN on the page to double check and verify compatibility. Hope this helps you out OP https://www.toyotapartsdeal.com/oem/toyota~battery~28800-28060.html

Summary: The existing 12V battery should be replaced with an AGM type (any brand will do). If you are not the first owner it is possible that a previous owner has used a different type. AGM type is best because it is safer for gassing and leaking, less weight, charges up to 5x faster than standard type [therefore easier for the HV battery to recharge during use]. Also it is designed for deep cycling and gives more cycles than other types (Gel, Calcium, Wet).
There are a number of alternative manufacturers (Ultima, Century, Varta etc) - just be sure to get minimum capacity of 50Ah because that is the design spec.
A 50Ah battery will maintain an adequate charge for about a month if the car is left garaged and unused for that period.