2020 Hyundai Venue - Rear defroster

Can tape on the rear window damage the rear defroster? Took my 2020 Hyundai Venue, ( I know it says veloster, but Venue wasn’t listed as an option so I just checked one), in to the dealer because rear defroster was working intermittently. They claimed that in the process of pulling off the temporary plate from the back window to look at the defroster it pulled some of the ceramic wires off. Is this possible?

yes, if the rear defroster wires are not in bedded inside the glass and they are just attached to the inside of the glass.


Tape on the windsheild will not damage the rear window defrost wires. If this was fixed under warranty why would they tell you something that was not true ?

I think OP was talking about the rear window not the windshield

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That was the first sentence of his / her post. I knew what was meant but sometimes resistance is futile .

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I had no idea those little wires were so fragile and frankly I’m inclined to doubt their story. You didn’t say who pulled the temp tag off but I assume you did, to check for gaps in the wires? I suspect the defect was there all along and the dealer is looking for a way out of fixing it under warranty.

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No. Dealer service tech did.

Then they broke it and they need to fix it. I hope they’re not trying to make you pay. If they are, get in touch with Hyundai corporate.


They’re claiming they saw breaks in the wire, and when they took the tag off to check further, it made it worse by peeling some of the wire off. I brought it to them because rear defroster was working intermittently. It would not work when the car was cold.

But was it repaired under warranty ? If it was then just never stick anything on the rear window wires and drive on.

No. They’re saying warranty doesn’t cover it.

Did you buy this used ? Even at that there should be some kind of warranty ( what is covered I don’t know ) but look in your manual for corporate contact and tell the General Manager of the dealership you feel that it should be covered . The worst that can happen is that you still end up paying.

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Wise counsel. I’ll do that. Carvana put the plate in the window, so it’s partly their fault.

Parts stores sell rear defroster grid repair kits.



Unless someone previously cleaned the inside of the glass with nitric acid and a Brillo pad, it seems unlikely to this nonmechanic that the wires just happened to come loose. I detect a whiff of bovine byproduct and I think it was more likely a manufacturing defect. Hyundai’s warranty to subsequent owners is 60 mo./60,000 mi. bumper-to-bumper so you should be covered.

I have seen people cut or trim tape with a razor blade and damage the glass. Damage is not covered by the warranty. If the dealer replaces the window without prior approval from Hyundai, the warranty claim will be rejected.

If my employer told me I had to pay for the damaged glass, there would be another vacancy in the shop. The tape was on the glass when the vehicle arrived.

Broken wires wouldn’t cause the defroster to work intermittently. It simply wouldn’t clear the glass along the length of the broken wires.

Sounds like the tech was careless in pulling off the tape. Taping the temporary tag to the back window is very common.

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Correct me if I am wrong.
Car purchased from Carvana therefore it is a used car. Rear defroster grid may have been faulty before temp tag taped on rear window. I don’t think Hyundai warranty would apply. Does Carvana offer a warranty that would cover repair?

BTW, some of those grids are very fragile, takes little to damage them.

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Yes it is a used vehicle . Carvana has a 7 day return policy and a 100 day limited warranty . I also think the heating grid was damaged before the temporary tag was taped to the rear window . I don’t think the technition did any damage just by removing the tape .