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2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid - Why no PHEVS?

The manufacturers of PHEVs (Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, etc.) do not sell these vehicles in Pennsylvania. Does anyone know why? I really wanted to buy one in February or March. A dealer told me that If I bought one in a state that they were sold in, I may have to have it serviced where I bought

Automakers are limited right now in their ability to produce EVs and even PHEVs. Battery supply chain is the bottleneck. So, to keep up appearances, they are putting the inventory and EV attention into states that mandate EVs (California) and those that follow California’s guidelines. It is true that not every dealer will service an EV. The reason is they have not all been trained on the repair work. I have heard this directly from a number of automaker employees. Here is a quick list of what are called the ZEV states. Most of these also subsidize EV sales with state rebates and discount programs.

My dad talked with a Subaru Crosstrek plug in hybrid owner who had to go from WA to CA to buy it, No word on local service but at least now they’re sold in Oregon which is closer.

There’s legislation in the works for Washington State to become a ZEV state but we’ll see if our legislature can get it through. Already passed in the state senate.