2020 Honda CR-V - Anyone replace fuel injectors?

has any one had to replace there fuel injectors.

I’m sure the answer to that would be yes.


Just not on a 2-year-old vehicle

I’ve owned fuel injected cars since 1978, never had to replace a single injector. They’re pretty robust. I’ve had to put a dose of fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank once or twice over the years though.

Just curious, what’s the motivation for your question? Maybe someone here can give you some ideas.

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I replaced a leaking direct injection injector on a 2018 Lexus, that was last year.

I just answer what is asked.

Sorry if you thought that was meant for you, it was not. it was meant for OP.

Curious about what prompted your question. A 2020 should still be covered by the power train warranty. Did the dealership replace the injectors and now you fear the injectors will fail again after the warranty expires?