Restarting problems after 7 years sitting

Attemping to Restart a 97 Honda passport 3.2 V6 (AKA Isuzu Rodeo) project vehicle. I actually briefly got it started about 4 years ago. I have spark. changed out to new fuel, fuel pressure is good, put a lamp on one fuel injector and it fires once on cranking, squirted some starting fluid in intake and got a brief run. So… it appears to be a fuel problem. should I get multiple pulses on lamp on injector plug when cranking? Is the fuel injection control shutting down? Are all six injectors plugged? Any other ideas?

When you got it started 4 years ago, the then 3 year old fuel probably did indeed plug the injectors…If you simply drained the tank now and did not flush out the lines including the injector rail, there was still 7 year old gasoline behind the injectors…What did the old gasoline look and smell like?? Was it a dark orange color and smell like old paint? That’s nasty stuff and it can indeed plug up injectors. Have you changed the fuel filter?
On most cars, injectors are “hot” all the time and the ECM grounds them to turn them on and off…Good Luck…

There was about 5 gal in the tank. Pulled the lines loose at the filter and used the fuel pump to drain the tank by jumping the circuit at the pump relay. “funny” gas smell was the what made me think to get it out of there. Color was on the orange side, not sure I would call it “dark”. put about 5 galllons new gas in tank, ran pump for a bit, purged some via gauge port and also could hear it running through the rail presumably returning to the tank. Should I be considering dissaembly of rail and injectors? Can the injectors simply be physically cleaned once out? I did check for the “hot” (+12v) at one injector and it was good.

Why was it sitting unstarted for 3 years? Could the previous problem be related to the present problem?

The car had been wrecked in 2002 or 2003. In late 2005 I bought it for a project ( Initially didn’t know if the project would be successful or ever completed. Now that it is nearing completion, it is time to get it running.

I’ve stated taking the intake apart. Does anyone have access to official instructions for removing the fuel rail and injectors. It is not covered in the regular shop manual. I believe it is covered in the “driveability and emmissions” manual that I don’t have. It kind of looks to me like the entire intake mainifold needs to come out in order to dissassemble the rail/injector assembly. I was hoping to not have to go that far. I am also hoping someone can share some experience.