2020 Honda Accord Sdn - Thumbs up?

Anyone has comment on the 2020 Honda Accord LX am about to purchase one but would like some input before I do so. Thank you for your time.

Why , it still has some warranty left ? A 2020 is not really old enough to have much of a track record . The question you should be asking is why a 2020 back on the lot this soon ? With all the low cost loan rates now why not a new 2021 with full warranty ?


Thanks for your input greatly appreciated.

The Accord was last redesigned for the 2018 model year so any major bugs should have been worked out by 2020. Unless it has a bunch of miles on it, the majority of the warranty should apply. You need to find out the story behind the car. Is it used or unsold stock? If used, was it a short term lease? Fleet/rental? Repossessed? It’s also possible the previous owner was hit particularly hard by the pandemic and had to make a major change. Carfax won’t tell you a lot and it may well be wrong but if you have access you can get some idea of its prior use. If the price is significantly lower than a brand new model and a mechanic of your choosing gives it a clean bill of health, it could be well worth buying.

The Accord is a good car. That’s not to say you won’t ever have problems with it, but the likelihood is lower than for a lot of other cars. If you like it, and you’ve made sure it wasn’t wrecked (because I always wonder why a car too new to be off lease is for sale) then it’s a good choice.

I’m still waiting for my 2019 hybrid Accord to be replaced under lemon law, and while having loaner non-hybrid 2019 and 2020 Accords, once I caught “brakes issue / see dealer ASAP” diagnostic message on a non-hybrid too.

here is the recap of my misfortunes:

my take is: Accord of that generation is great car… when it is not broken…

at the very least: check the CarFax maintenance records and see if it was in dealer shop, repeatedly, for no explainable reason… and if it was - run like hell as Honda has no clue why it happens up to this day

Is it new or used? I have a 2017 Accord EX-L 4-cyl and I like it a lot. It replaced a 2005 Accord EX V6. They handle well, are comfortable, and have lots of room. One down side: there is a lot of road noise. Maybe they solved that in the next generation, but I doubt it. My 2017 has 40,000 miles and haven’t had any problems.

Could be “used” in the sense that it was titled but there are a few at the local dealer that were titled about 1yr after arrival at the dealer and only have maybe 500mi on the odometer. At least that’s what the carfax report’s on each Accord says.

Thank you all for your input it is greatly appreciated. Happy and safe Travels.

Hey @thegreendrag0n did you ever get the final resolution to your Lemon Law case with the Accord?

no (yet?)

it sits in the court system queue, my lawyer says civil cases are barely moving as judge prioritizes criminal ones

That’s rough…I hope it gets taken care of as soon as they can

given how prices inflate, I asked lawyer to keep all options like refund/replace open - it may happen that it will be better to take replacement and trade it in on the spot

one more “interesting” thing on Accord

a couple of month back, recall notice came in, instructing to bring car in for BCM firmware update

once I checked what it is about, I was hoping it will be “the fix”, as apparently Accords in that years had some trouble with can-bus in the rear, where non-working signals, trunk sensor and light and ABS sensors were among the systems involved.
I though that’s gonna fix it and I would not care for if it gets replaced or not… but in around 1000 more miles I had the same “your brakes have some failure - go see a dealer” message.

The only change I see is that brake pedal feel seem not to change at all now, but on another side, failure messages were back-dated by 1 day or so, so it looks like self-diagnostic “found” that when car was stationary.

Anyways, I love this car when it works, and I hate it when I need to drag my feet to the dealer again.