2009 Honda Accord

Has anyone heard that the 2009 Honda Accord lights flicker? If so, is that a problem and would you recommed buying the car? Do the brakes also squeak?

No, I haven’t heard either of these things. Where did you hear them?

The Accord has been, and continues to be, one of the highest-rated vehicles on the market. If you like the Accord I see no reason not to buy one.

I’ve been in one. The lights do not flicker and the brakes don’t squeak, at least under normal driving. I would recommend one.

Which lights and under what circumstances?

The brakes may squeak, but all brakes do so under the right circumstances.

I think the 2009 Accord is too big and it’s ugly - it looks like a Camry now. Yuck! My 2005 Accord is the right size and a lot better looking.

Oh, and my lights don’t flicker, nor do my brakes squeak.

Drive it at 70 MPH & if the road noise does’nt bother you go for it.

Alslo worth considering and in the most bang for your buck category are the Hyundai Sonata & Ford Fusion, both of which are very nice drivers & very reliable.

I have an 09 Accord. EX-L 4 cylinder. The lights do flicker a bit. But its not that noticeable. The brakes also squeak. Again, not that noticeable. I have recently heard that there may be a recall in the works for some sort of rear brake issue. I have not found anything on that yet. Its been 7 months since you posted so probably this response is a little to late. I thought I would let you know anyway.