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2009 Honda Accord V6 EX

Recently this car is 1year old /under warranty/. From beginning i had problems:

1. 2000 MI - rear brakes vibration /Brewster Honda Dealer replaced rear rotors/

2. 4665 MI - 1st oil change /1Qt low/

3. 10525 MI - 2nd oil change /no oil on STICK/

4. 105825 MI - started with Brewster Honda Dealer NY process of burning oil, vibration of brakes driving 70MPH and more. After test by dealer they said that vibration /63-70MPH/ they can discover, but this is tire problem. Oil level was low - they over field almost 1QT [ON PURPOSE?].

5. 10712 MI - Brewster Honda resurfaced front rotors /why they did not replaced?/ and said that i have to do “Road Force Balancing” rear tires because this is a problem /63-67MPH/ car vibration. According to rear brakes - noisy they said that THEY CAN NOT DRIVE THIS CAR ABOVE 65MPH!.

6. 10913 MI - Brewster Honda drained oil to correct level, I did /paying myself $51.86 for road force balancing - and have prove receipt that nothing is wrong with tires.

7. 12127 MI came to Brewster Honda to check oil level - was on the bottom line of stick /max - min of stick is ~1Qt/ and solve problem with vibration of car /63-67MPH and noisy rear brakes - 70 and more MPH/. They said: CAN NOT VERIFY ISSUES ON THIS TIME, according to oil level they said: oil was low - added less than 1/2QT SO THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM.

8. 04/03/10 - I FAXED ALL ISSUES /paper to American Honda Motor Co./ and received call back from MGR of customer service, but He does want to proceed this case properly.

Question: what I should to do?, this is 1Year old car /13835 MI/, I paid over $28000.00 for this car. Should I get them to COURT?, what is your suggestion?.

Read up on the lemon laws. Keep all your paperwork and contact the Honda zone manager. The Honda zone manager has the power to intercede on your behalf and get things done. All a customer service manager will do, in most cases, is stall for time.

Thank You for replay - but this is about HONDA, not Toyota. I already filled up Application /Lemon Car and waiting for contact from Attorney/. Received phone call with info that very soon attorney will contact me - so far nobody contacted with me. I was trying to find HONDA HEADQUARTERS Address & Complaint Dpt. but they are showing only address to the Customers Service and ignoring my case. I am thinking WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP?.

Sorry about the Toyota thing. I have typed Toyota so long (because of the recent press)that I forgot that Honda still existed. The Honda contact number is on this webpage. Most states have a Honda zone manager. You will find the Canada and U.S. zones here:

The car seems to be burning some oil, at the rate of about 1 quart every few thousand miles, this is considered well within spec. I don’t think you’ll get too far with that.

But there appears to be something going on with the rear brakes, depending on the state you may be able to invoke the Lemon Law.

The one thing that concerns me is that you apparently didn’t check the oil before the first oil change at 4665 miles. I bought a new car last month (2011 Toyota Sienna) and have already checked the oil twice in 850 miles. I don’t think it is unusual for a car to use a little oil while the rings seat, etc. Even though my car is right up where it should be, I think it wise to check the oil on a new car. Secondly, since you knew the car needed a quart of oil at 4665 miles, why didn’t you check it before the second change at 10,000 miles? I don’t think the manufacturers consider it a problem unless the car uses more than 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles. At any rate, pulling the dipstick and checking the oil should become a routine habit. It’s like going to the doctor. No matter what my complaint, the first thing that is always checked is my blood pressure. Oil is the life blood of an engine–check it regularly.

As for the rear brake problem, the dealer should stay after this until it is resolved.