2020 Ford Escape Hybrid - Batteries die

2nd dead with in 2 months battery 2020 ford escape titanium hybird left it at the dealear hopethey find problem 25000miles on it

Hybrid battery or 12 volt starter battery?

Yes, that is the ultimate question, but in either case, a 2 year old vehicle with only 25k miles is fully-covered by multiple warranties. Hopefully the dealership is providing the OP with a loaner car while they diagnose and repair his problem.

If the problem persists for a 3rd time, then the OP should be looking into the details of the Lemon Law in his/her state.


They should be looking into their states “Lemon Laws” now. Why wait, be prepared.


Deleted, n/a now.


Get out the popcorn. :rofl:

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