My hybrid

I purchased a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid in the fall of 2005. I absolutely love it and have already put a lot of miles on it, although it does get less mpg than manufacture suggested. Typically, I keep a car until it dies (10-15 yrs.) OR when it starts soaking up my bank account in repairs. As a female, I do not want to be stuck on the road, at some point with a dead battery. Are there any statistics yet on what I should expect from this suv. (I know the battery warrenty is 8 yrs.) has a nice forums area with an Escape/Mariner segment. Some of these people get massive amounts of mpg from theirs but, like you, I don’t drive like that and get my computer to say only 24 average mpg. Yet the potential is there if needed.
mpg aside, we love our 06 too. The handling, the acceleration, AND the reliability. At over three years old, ours has had only routine maintainence with no other issues.
The 8 year warranty on the drive battery and related hybrid systems means that they believe in them at least that long. Also meaning they will last much longer ( I keep my trucks a long time too with a 92 Explorer and a 79 chevy pickup also in the driveway. )
The only thing advised to this point is to have a repair fund building as the main drive battery is $8000.00 and the cvt transmission is $5000.00.

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As I pointed out this Escape Hybrid in state of CA & some other stares has 150,000 mi warranty on the high voltage battery, so giving the fact that NY & San Francisco taxi cabs reached 300,000. Ileage without major problems shows what one can expect from this best vehicle Ford ever built but discontinued fast replacing it with small-car C-Max with the illusion to compete with small car like Prius

As with the other old post you dredged up…the OP’s vehicle is 13 years old (and this post is another 9 year old one!). I’d be shocked if he’s still under warranty.

Maybe, maybe not. However that warranty applies to all Escape hybrids in the state of California, not just the one owned by the OP. Ford must have sold more than one Escape hybrid.

We don’t actually know what state the 9 year old OP is from. It was never in the initial post and they never checked back in. And I’d be curious to know if the CA hybrid warranty has a years restriction on it as well