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2020 CR-V EX disable warning tones at start-up?

I have a 2020 honda cr-v ex for rural mail delivery. Right hand conversion is done(can be driven from both sides) and Driver seat has been removed, mail tray in it’s place.

My question is : is it possible to disable the 5 warning tones that ding each time I start the vehicle? I’d prefer to not put seat base back in(would require sawing seats back off?) nor destroy the original seat by ripping wires out. (Also every inch of space comes in handy for delivery, seat removed preferred)

Once the seat is disconnected, it causes 5 error/warning tones to come on in dash. Luckily the seat belt chime is not included, so after 5 chimes, it stays silent. But I have to restart vehicle often so it’s slightly annoying. The missing driver seat had an airbag in seat upright, one of the five warnings. And the vehicles eyesight no longer works.

Dealership won’t touch it for liability reasons, but they suggested a private shop might be able to disable the tones. 2 garages so far couldn’t do it.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Don’t turn off engine every time you deliver something… that way, you will not be bothered with the sounds.The worst thing that can happen is that the starter will start to fail sooner that expected if you continue shutting off the engine.

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Not sure but I think Postal regulations require the vehicle to be shut off and the keys taken with the driver when they leave the vehicle . I know our mail person does. That is to prevent someone from jumping in and driving off with the mail.

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Where do sounds emanate from? Door speakers? Disconnect them. Find the source of sounds. Deal with it

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Maybe try to find a shop that installs car stereo systems and see if there’s a tech there that could figure out how to create a jumper to plug into the open connectors and fool the systems into shutting up.


I would agree that finding the speaker might be the easiest solution. Install a switch in its line if you don’t want to permanently disable it.

From your post, it is not clear to me what the tones are supposed to be warning you about? You might be able to install a jumper in the empty plug and fool the system.


Without a schematic I’d hate to even venture a guess. Just some food for thought, but what about seeing if the Honda dealer would provide a wiring schematic which could provide some info about where and what makes it all tick?

If you cannot decipher the diagram maybe posting it here could lead to someone guiding you through the electrical forest so to speak. If there is a tiny speaker involved I would think that snipping one of the cone leads would shut it up and that lead could be re-soldered later on when service as a mail carrier is over.

Thank you! I like the idea of disconnecting the speaker, but as I’m in and out of vehicle all day, the alarm tone of “door open” is convenient. The sound gone would be nice, but I still 5 warnings flashing on my dash until I hit an ‘info’ button 5 times to cycle thru warnings until they are gone. warnings hide other dash digital functions, i.e. fuel economy.

The tones/warnings are:



ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL PROBLEM(this kinda sucks as I would still like cruise control (eye sight) when using my vehicle for personal use)

AIRBAG SYSTEM PROBLEM (there’s an airbag in the seats back)

None of these seem to effect my driving or braking during normal use. Unsure why brake system warning come on bc of removing wiring to th seat.

Thanks to all who gave suggestions, I appreciate it! I loved the jumper idea…I’ll keep looking into that. If I am able to find the wiring schematic for this vehicle I’ll post it. Thanks again!:disappointed: