2015 Honda CR-V seat cloth odor

In addition to my 2015 Honda CR-V LX having the vibrating issues, I am also noticing an odor coming from the cloth material the seats are made from. I can smell it on my clothes. Wondering if anyone else is noticing this. And what they are doing about it.

Do you have heated seats in your CR-V?

Not heated. That would probably make the smell worse.

If you don’t have heated seats, then I would imagine that the material in the seats is outgassing. I suppose you could try to use some Febreeze or something on them to see if it helps

Outgassing? Are they always going to smell? I tried febreeze to no avail. Febreeze is awesome but I guess no match for this.

This is not that new car smell coming from the seats. Its worse!

I think Honda has 36000 mile or 3 years warranty. You may be still in that period. Other wise find a detail shop and see if they have a solution.

Are you the first and original owner?

Is it just one seat, more than one or all of them?

I can imagine! If Febreeze didn’t work then take @VOLVO_V70’s advice and see if your warranty is still active, failing that try a detail shop. I suppose you could try one of those odor eaters that can get rid of anal gland smell/pet urine smell too

Thank you. Unfortunately for me the time not the mileage ran out back in Feb 2018. I will still check with my dealership and see if seat smell might fall under one of the warranties that is still good.

Yes. I am the original owner. Hoping that someone on this forum has the same seat issue as I do so I don’t feel alone and helpless!!! Also, thanks to this forum, I was so happy to find other 2015 Honda CR-V owners who have to deal with that annoying vibrating issue.

Forgot to answer your question about number of seats that smell. All of the seats smell, passenger, driver and the backs seats. .

What do they smell like?

Very good question, Shadowfax. Similar to the chemical odor of brand new clothes before they are washed. I keep those cloth grocery bags on the back seat and even they smell.

Are you by chance extraordinarily nasally sensitive? My wife is, and she can pick up on odors that I miss entirely. I ask because I don’t find the smell of new, unwashed clothes objectionable either - I don’t think most people do which is probably why Febreeze didn’t work - their formulators aren’t concerned with covering up odors that people don’t find offensive or even notice.

Got a carpet shampooer with a wand attachment? Try shampooing the seats.


Good question. And very good points, Shadowfax especially why the febreeze didn’t do anything. Yes, you could say I have the same thing as your wife does. Thank you for you input.

Kelly55, you probably don’t want to have any scents added to the mix. Have you tried sprinkling baking soda on the seats and after it’s sat there a day or so vacuuming it out? And can you leave some windows open to let in fresh air when it’s parked. And open all the windows or even doors when it’s in a safe place for a while?

Thank you Shanonia, appreciate your suggestions.

I wonder if the dealer applied a “fabric protection” spray when the car was new. This is something like Scotchguard that is often applied to home upholstery.

Never thought of that. I’m thinking that the material honda uses has an odor.