Getting rid of the ding,ding,dings

I have a 2009 E150 van. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the ding when I leave my key in the ignition with my engine off. The dinging is so loud and very distribing.

Follow your ear to the little noise making device you hear and disconnect its wires. No more ding.

It may not be easy to find, but you CAN disconnect it.

The ding may be coming from a module that controls a lot of stuff. IN that case, It might be difficult to disable. Have you checked your owner manual?

I am not familiar with your vehicle, but a common place for the ‘dinger’ is mounted in the soundproofing panel above your feet. You may find that two or thee different ‘dings’ come from the same module, and there may be two or three plugs on it or one big plug. If it is one big plug, then you may have an all-or-nothing situation on warning bells, unless you get a wiring diagram and figure out which wire to cut.

Check your owners manual. I was able to deactivate my F250’s seat belt “dinger” by a procedure listed in the manual. No hardware touched, just a sequence with the key and brake. I am not sure about the key “dinger”.

Yes I do wear my seat belt but it is an annoying ding when I am just moving the truck around the block!