2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD - USB lottery

Only a few usb sticks will work. All others not recognized.

For better ideas here, suggest to clarify what you are trying to do. Are you trying to play music/audio from mp3 files stored on a USB stick?

Thanks for the update. Glad I don’t own one.


Somewhere in that overly lengthy book on the entertainment system will be a section on exactly how the stick needs to be formatted, what files it will accept, how many individual files can be on how many folders. And probably some other technical info.

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Haiku failure.

There’s a bunch of complaints about USB thumb drive compatibility out there. Are all of your thumb drives formatted the same? If one that won’t work is FAT32, try formatting it as NTFS and then re-install the files. Another work around seems to be this-

On “Audio” screen, click on “more” (on the lower left corner of the screen), and select the USB again. Don’t try to leave it with the car to pick it up automatically. This should fix the issue

Fat32? Ya got a Commodore 64? I got a win98 cd I can sell you.

If it will run VisiCalc and Wordstar, I’m in…

Cute but sounds like something a crackhead might try to sell someone.

Apparently, you do not realize that FAT32 is still WIDELY used in external drives due to its wide cross-platform compatibility. Some equipment vendors have finally begun to eliminate FAT32 compatibility but there are many drives out there today with FAT32 formatting. I’m betting the OP has a mixture.