2020 Cadillac CT6

Has anyone driven or perhaps own a CT6? I saw one in traffic today and thought it was a really sharp looking car. Thoughts?

Looks cool and fast, Take it for a long test drive and make sure it is comfortable for you.

I drove one back in November. Nice car, sharp looking, comfortable, quiet interior, good fit and finish, adequate power but won’t win any stoplight Grand Prix races.

Cadillac CT6 – 58000 to 75000 depending on options . Not that distinctive ( not that many cars are anymore ) . And Cadillac has not been called the world standard for years . I will pass .

I test drove one in 2017. Beautiful car, comfortable, handles well, quiet, and lots of leg room in the back seat. Cadillac is stopping production in 2020 and your best bet might be a used car. If I was just looking at $65,000 cars, I probably would have bought it. It was more than twice the price of the Accord I bought. I decided the CT6 wasn’t a good choice for commuting 53 miles one way.

A well appointed three year old base model with the 6 cyl and 30,000 miles in clean condition is about half the price it sold for new. I think I’d buy used and avoid the 50% depreciation. A loaded Luxury model with the 3L turbo with AWD and 30,000 miles in clean condition would be about $36,000. That’s less than half the original MSRP. Both are raging deals, IMO.