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Using a 1960 Cadillac for therapy

I think that there is something to be said for disconnecting from the electronic world for a few days, and enjoying the gross pleasures of a vintage Caddy convertible. What a car!


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Convertible Therapy, Vintage Car Therapy and Single Digit Gas Mileage Therapy…

Sign Me UP!

I’m not a big Caddy fan but it reminded me of my 59 Pontiac complete with the Wonder bar radio.

My boss had a big old Caddy, picture looks like I remember, it felt like you could be driving off both sides of the road at the same time :ship:

I’m not a fan of current Caddys, but the old ones were great.
There was a time long ago that Caddy and Lincoln made some of the finest luxury cars in the world, respected and admired everywhere. Caddy has these past years recovered somewhat from its bad years, but Lincoln can’t seem to remember how to make a luxury car anymore. I’m surprised Lincoln hasn’t disappeared.

My feeling also.

Perhaps the only thing that save Lincoln is that the Hiphop artists discovered all the nice spaces in the Navigator to hide drugs and guns… :fearful:

We had a 1964 Cadillac Series 62 with the Wonder Bar radio, and a foot switch to activate it. I loved that. I also loved the power. The 429 engine had 340 HP and a whopping 480 lb-ft of torque. That was my favorite car of all the cars my parents owned.

The author got it wrong. The car stalled when she went around the corner too fast because it drained the carburetor. Do you think she knows that there is a carburetor in the car?

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Do you think she knows what a carburetor is?

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I wouldn’t mind owning the CTS-V

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I test drove a CTS in 2005 at the urging of my daughter. It was okay, but not particularly great for the money. My sister’s '76 Biarritz was a much classier and more luxurious car. Now THAT was a Cadillac!

TSMB: We bought a brand new '08 V6 CTS and drove it to 2013 when we traded for a brand new 2013 2.5 non-turbo ATS. We like the ATS better, a little smaller, better fuel mileage and it steers a bit more German but newer CTS Caddies are better. We love a Cadillac; we feel more respect on the road from other drivers even with a bottom of the line Cadillac. People might think that we have a lawyer at the ready. I can know this from driving two low price cars as well. What is your Cadillac?

Some how I doubt this theory.

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I didn’t buy one. Other makes had better reliability and longevity records. I only test drove it out of respect and love for my daughter.

I’m very happy that you’ve found a brand and model that you’re happy with. I personally am at an age where I recognize that all cars have their strengths and weaknesses, and what people buy and enjoy has more to do with their priorities, tastes, and daily needs than any other factor. And that’s perfectly okay. Life is too short to select a car for any other reason.

My priorities are comfort, reliability, comfort, longevity, comfort, cost of ownership, comfort, and comfort. With my disabilities, comfort is pretty critical.

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