2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe worth buying?

Could you please let me know the inside story on this car. It seems many are available cheaper than half new price - which is suspicious. I read about air bags/driveshaft hassle; about fuel consumption being too high; and wonder if I am about to make an expensive mistake on the 2011 CTS Coupe AWD model (Not a V). Any thoughts? Thank you for your time, I really appreciate honesty.

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If you have to ask unknown strangers on the internet then you should not do it. Why you would buy a 7 year old All Wheel vehicle that could cost you a fortune is beyond me. For just a little more money you could find a new car with almost as many bells and whistles.

​Thank you. Wise you are.

…But aren’t we all here (for one reason or another) to answer questions from strangers on the internet?


If this car interests you then at least have an inspection done so you know what if any repairs may be on the horizon. Cadillac"s can be good used buys because you can get one a few years old looking showroom new for about half the new price. A friend bought his and her caddy’s this way for years.

Yup. If you’ve read and heard so many bad things about this vehicle, and looking at the make & models depreciation has disclosed it to be excessive, that would suggest to me that it’s a vehicle to be avoided. To your credit, you’ve done good research. Perhaps it’d be wise to use it in your decision and keep looking.

Consumer Reports says that almost all systems are above average except noises/leaks, suspension, and electronics. After 7 years these issues should be sorted out. I suspect that the depreciation is more a function of the way it looks. The sedan looks good, but I’m not happy with the looks of the coupe. But that’s just me. If you like the looks, you can take advantage of the depreciation when you buy for a low price.

If you like the car, take it for a drive. Pay attention to noises and the ride. Does the suspension work well? Are there creaks or other noises that don’t belong? The car should be quiet; it’s a Cadillac after all. Do the electronics all work? You can test that at a standstill. Is there a sunroof, and can you see water stains? What about water stains on the carpets? If it checks out after your drive and inspection and you are still interested, pay a mechanic you trust for a prepurchase inspection.

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Thanks J.T., for your pertinent response and the thinking behind it. I will
check the car very carefully and take a buddy along as well to check my own
perception against his years of selling vehicles. Thank you.

One more thing about depreciation: GM had big rebates at this time, and that always reduces the resale value. If a car costs $35,000 and has a $3500 rebate, the depreciation is that $3500 plus what ever would normally apply.

Thanks. I am so grateful for your experience!

You don’t buy a Cadillac because it’s practical economical transportation. You buy one because you like the car.

I seem to remember seeing a fair number of these cars needing Passenger Presence Detection sensors replaced for the airbag system, but other than that I think they’re about as reliable as most other cars in that class. As for fuel economy, that’s not an issue when you drive a Cadillac.

I have a feeling that the OP has not even seen the vehicle yet. And I still say if you have doubts in your head about any vehicle new or used then look at something else. If you have the problems you were concerned about after buying then you really will be upset with yourself.
Only speaking for myself but I would never buy a used all wheel drive as a main vehicle.

If you’re still around and haven’t made a decision yet, let me tell you a few things about CTS Coupes. 1. My wife and I both drive CTS Coupes, and, I sold my son my 2010 CTS sedan. All which were Premium packages.(that makes a huge difference in bells and whistles). 2. Since the day I bought my wife her used 2011, she practically tells me everyday she loves it! 3. I had the sedan for 3 years, but after driving hers one day, I had to have the Coupe. They both drive great, but the Coupe handles and drives AMAZING!! All three cars have had ZERO issues since we’ve owned them. Wait, not true, I did change the water pump(15 minute job)in the sedan. Water pump is right on top of the engine. So easy! And finally number 4. I obviously love these cars, they are luxurious, fast, and, I maybe you can find a new car with a lot of bells and whistles, but it won’t say CADILLAC on it!!

PS to the people who talk about these cars and their depreciation, and losing their value, ALL luxury cars lose quite a lot of value almost immediately after a year or 20k miles. It’s one of the best kept secrets out there. That’s why this middle class guy like myself can own 2 $55,000 cars that I only paid $35,000 for both.
just my two cents

i bought a used car for less than it cost new? lets hope so