2019 Toyota Highlander - Hybrid system stopped

2019 Toyota. When pressing the “start” button, we get the message that "Hybrid system has stopped. Dealer says I don’t drive it enough, although I drove it approximately 75 miles and it did it the next day.

Elevate your complaint up the chain to corporate level.
BTW, did the service department put that in writing?

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75 miles probably isn’t enough to fully charge the hybrid battery, if it was nearly completely discharged.


Long weekend road trip will reveal the truth. Record your miles with images.

Wife drove her Prius 5 mi/day? We had 3 yr lease. So, is next owner having issues? Don’t know.

That shouldn’t be a problem. If the hybrid battery is low the engine will be started and the hybrid battery will be charged up. If I’m sitting at a light with the engine off and the a/c on, the hybrid battery powering everything, when the battery gets low the engine starts by itself and charges up the hybrid battery with me just sitting there.

OP, how often do you drive per week? If you go weeks between drives, that could be a problem.

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