2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid - Battery issue

Hybrid system has stopped on 2019 Highlander hybrid, 3rd time. Car was parked all 3 times, Dealer says problem occurs because the car isn’t driven enough or is only driven short distances.

well you can find out if thats the reason by driving it greater distances.


Are you saying the internal combustion engine won’t start?

Yes, car won’t start.

from what i gather from the limited info is, the car wont start because the battery is not strong enough. and the dealer wants you to drive it more to keep the battery charged up. is that correct?


If the battery is discharged, the electronics won’t operate, not really a hybrid failure.
Use a battery tender to keep the battery charged.


How long does it sit between uses, and how far do you drive it? When I wasn’t going to work at all last year, my 2017 Accord would sit for up to three weeks without running. When I drove it, it was only about ten minutes each way to pick up carry out. I think your Highlander should work at least as well as my car does.

Or, simply drive for longer distances.

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Yeah, three questions we need answered: which battery is failing, the 12V or the hybrid? And how long is the Highlander sitting, and how long are the drives?

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Mom’s 2010 Prius would only get driven about once a week but it’s 3 miles each way just to get into town and on roads where you’re doing 50mph for a little bit. Then the limit drops once you hit the city limits. Never needed a jump although they do have a battery tender in the garage if needed.

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It sounds like you got the answer from the dealer. Just to clarify above there is one battery to start the car, and the hybrid big buck battery does not do that. So you need some road trips, I would think 20 minutes or so of cruising should be good.

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No, the hybrid battery starts the car, the 12v battery just powers the electronics.

Count me wrong then, apologies for misinformation if I was wrong.
“Your hybrid battery is the main battery used to power your hybrid motor, but the 12-volt battery in most hybrids is just like the 12-volt battery used to start conventional cars.”