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2019 Toyota 4Runner - Keeping critters away

recently had engine light go on. Was due to rodent getting in to top of engine area and eating/chewing wire to a sensor. Was told to spray wheel wells with peppermint. Have seen a number of sonic/strobe light type devices. Do any of them work? Can you recommend a good one?

There sprays made specifically to repel rodents from the engine bay.
No clue about strobe lights.

A local mechanic at a chain shop recommends mothballs. No clue about strobe lights.

Why not use peppermint oil? Christmas every day!

This is what we use.

Works great!


I’ve had good luck with mothballs myself.

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How do you get their legs apart?

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Get a cat or two.



Strobe light might encourage the mice to set up a Disco, then you will have drunk, dancing mice.

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And with the munchies.

The soy bean based wire insulation should be illegal and the manufacturer should warranty all rodent damage when that type wire was used.

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