2016 Toyota RAV4 - Rodent ate wiring

Exact same issue as #1, rat attraction and eating soy covered wiring. I’ve lived in my house since 1991, keep car in garage, and never had this problem before.

Is there any help or recourse out there? Only 35,000 miles on car. RAV 4 in pristine condition.

Chris - Ponte Vedra, FL


Oct '17

I can see some wires have been chewed through.

So until the wiring harness is opened up to inspect the damage, it’s hard to say how much splicing in new wires will cost.

In the mean time to prevent further damage from rodents, see if a local home center sells something like this.


Home improvement centers sell products to repel various critters.

We use this in a pole barn all year round where vehicles, seasonal equipment are stored.


No evidence of rodents entering the barn.



Got to try that stuff. Mice problem in house a couple of years ago!

Sorry Tester, I did not realize you were posting. but at least I used your old reply. :rofl:

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Cayenne pepper and peppermint oil are working for me.

How do you apply that stuff to the wires hidden around the engine and under the dash, etc?