2019 Subaru Forester - Windshields and warranties

I’m about to buy a 2019 Forester and read in Consumer Reports that there were 48 cases of windshields cracking, sometimes spontaneously, and that it was a known problem but there hasn’t yet been a recall. Anyone else having the same problem?

Also, the “finance guy” (I was paying cash, btw, so I was automatically suspicious) tried to talk me into about $5,000 worth of added “protection plans” for various things…Ding repair, lost key replacement, etc. He started out by showing me a list of how expensive various car repairs are, especially with all the computerized components Do I really need all that extra “protection”?

Thanks in advance!


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It’s a little early to say if the windshield thing will be a common problem on the '19 Forester. Here is some info on extended warranties, most of which are of zero value.