Subaru's Extended Warranty


I recently bought a 2017 Forester from my father-in-law who takes great care of his vehicles. I just bought Subaru’s 5-year, 75,000 mile extended warranty Plan F Hi-tech Component Coverage (seals/gaskets, electronic hi-tech components, factory-installed nav system, and electrical plus), which also covers Plans D (powertrain) and E (cooling, air conditioning, front suspension, steering, electrical, brakes, and fuel system). The Forester currently has 77,600 miles. The plan costs $3,134, which seems a bit high to me. Has anyone bought a similar extended warranty and is it worth getting considering the year and current mileage of the car?

Thank you!

Piece of mind? Priceless.
Ask dealer what scheduled service/maintenance is required to keep warranty in effect.

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All you know for sure with an extended warranty is you’ve paid $3,134.

IF something goes wrong… it may or may not be covered by the warranty. The repair may be covered, but you may have to bring it to a Subaru dealer for repair. If you’re 1000 miles from home on vacation, that does you no good.

It sounds to me like this is a nice, well maintained vehicle. Personally, I’d keep the $3,134 in the bank to cover any future repairs. If the major repairs never come, you’ve still got the cash.


Agree that is the only kind of extended warranty I get on anything.


Read the fine print is all but insurance rates generally are in line with the risk involved. So the price may just reflect the likelyhood of major repairs.

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Probably makes sense. An alternative approach would be to spend half that amount each year on scheduled preventative maintenance, & save the other half in an account for any unexpected repairs.


Make sure it’s not like CarShield where they don’t cover issues that are caused by corrosion. ABS sensor notches on the wheel bearing on a 2014 RAM rusted away? Nope that’s due to corrosion you’re not covered.

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I wonder if they’d cover an engine that wouldn’t start b/c the ignition points had an invisible layer of surface oxidation?

Probably not, ignition points are a “wear item”.

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I haven’t had a car with “points” for close to 30 years.
A 2017 Forester does not have points.

They were these things that … lol … I wonder when the last USA car with points was manufactured ? In the 1970’s I’d buy the truck’s entire basic tune-up kit plastic wrapped package hanging in the aisle at K-mart, points, rotor, condenser, shaft lube, $4.99. If I wanted to go whole-hog, spark plugs were 75 cents each I think.

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… haven’t existed on engines for MANY years.

If the entertainment LCD screen fails it costs thousands of dollars to replace. Some cars and trucks go over $9,000. The price may have gone up some.

To really go whole hog add spark wires maybe another 5 to 7$ :grinning:

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Of course not, I don’t think anyone has even used ignition points in the last 30 or 40 years. Any warranties would be expired by now.

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