2019 Subaru Forester Multi Function Display gone dark

The Multi Function Display on my 2019 Subaru Forester (43,500 miles ) has gone out. My Google search has come up empty, and the local Subaru dealership says they haven’t seen this problem before…but for $170 they will attempt to diagnose it. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas or suggestions? Not sure I want to spend $170 only to be told it is an expensive computer part that may not be worth buying only for the convenience of seeing the time of day, exterior temperature, etc.

If the new car warranty isn’t involved, you can always get a quote on the diagnostic fee from a well-recommended inde shop, might be a little less expensive. I guess if I had that problem myself, and the only way to get it repaired was by first paying $170 for the diagnosis, I’d just listen to the local radio stations for time and temperature info. Meanwhile I’d be checking the internet etc if others start have the same problem, hoping a better solution evolves.

No harm to ask your dealership if a pertinent recall, customer interest, or service bulletin has been published.

Just off the top of my head I would guess the internal power supply if it has one. The Crt in my Buick went dark and it was the power supply. No parts or schematics available so it was junk yard part. I suspect either the display will need to be replaced or sent to an authorized shop for repair. But do check the fuses.

Yeah, see if you can find a replacement at a junk yard. Visit car-part.com.