99 Subaru Forester diag codes 38 and 93


My 99 Forester AT temp light started blinking and I brought it to a subaru dealer (that I found on cartalk) that I do not normally go to. The diag codes that came out are a 38 - torque condition fault and a 93 - vehicle speed sensor. The dealer told me that it seems like an electrical problem. I said “what about the speed sensor, couldn’t that be causing the codes”. They said they had a whole diag. procedure to follow and that it would take a min. of 2 hrs diag plus any parts. I called the subaru dealer that I normally go to and they said it should take between 30-45 mins to diag. So am I being ripped off??? or is my dealer low balling it? I’m trying to find out how long this should really take to diagnose.


Where are you located? You may want to try posting on ultimatesubaru.org for good help and possible recommendation for an independent.

I live in CT, but the car is in NH. My daughter has it. The subaru dealer in NH has told me that the problem is with the transmission wiring harness at a tune of about $750. I called my CT subaru dealer that I usually deal with and they said that they have never had to change a transmission wiring harness. Are these guys just taking the big hammer out and charging it to me? Any suggestions?

Someone has their codes and descriptions mixed up. Codes P0038 and P0093 aren’t those things. But, never mind. Right now, here, that’s not too important.

I have seen Service Bulletins from other car makers telling the technicians to replace a wiring harness instead of repairing the old wiring. The wiring harness replacement can cost many hundreds of dollars (or, dinars). I wouldn’t. The dealer may not have a choice (factory franchise).

Take the car to an independent shop for repair. The diagnostic code (XXXX), often, narrows the problem to one circuit. There may only be one wire in a circuit (there can be more). An independent shop won’t hesitate to repair a wire; even, a shielded wire. A shielded wire can be spliced, if one knows what one is doing.
Your next stop, “Hello, Mr. Independent Shop. I have this Subaru, and ,.”

If car is in the Seacoast NH I can suggest a few good indy Subaru specific shops.

the car is in the Concord-Manchester area

Anyone know a good indy in the Concord-Manchester NH area?

Here is a shop that was suggested to use from The Mechanix Files here at Car Talk.

John Wojdyla Automotive
New Boston, NH 03070
(603) 497-8207