2014 Ford Escape - Display Died

The multi-function display (the screen that shows you, among other things, what gear you are in, how many miles to empty and your car’s mileage aka odometer) went blank on my car. There was a recall on this very item but both the dealer and Ford are saying because my VIN number is not on their list they can’t help me. I am looking at a potentially very expensive repair job. I cannot even throw up my hands and sell the car because I have no idea what my mileage is (the only place it was displayed in on the multi-function display.) What can I do?

Sadly, the only thing you can do is buy a new display. If you try and sell the car, the price you will get will be the “book value” minus MORE than the repair cost. The buyer has risk and you will foot the bill for that. There is no win here.

And save all the paperwork, if Ford eventually does a recall on your car for this issue, they’ll reimburse you.

Before going too far I would pull the battery for 30 minutes and then reconnect just to make sure this not just a computer glitch , if it is still out after this then you may be looking at a new or reconditioned display .

Before disconnecting the battery, read this first.


For example, if the vehicle has an anti-theft system, do you know how to reset it so the vehicle will start after reconnecting the battery?

It may require a factory level scanner in order to do so.


That makes sense. Thanks. I have an appointment Friday at the dealer to look at my issue (it took two weeks just to get an appointment!) I will mention that idea to them. When I initially took the car in they said they had never seen anything like it.

That makes sense. I have an appointment Friday at the dealer (they are so backed up it took two weeks to get an appointment.) I will mention it to them (I am sure they will love that.) I don’t feel comfortable “pulling” the battery myself. Thanks so much!

Thanks! This has certainly been an “interesting” situation.

Thanks. I am not much of a car person. I need all of the advice I can get.

As Tester said if there is any kind of special procedure to do this I would hope a FORD dealer would know what they are doing . I have seen some flakey things with the computers in cars that resetting it has fixed , after all it is a computer .

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