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2019 Subaru Crosstrek - warning lights come on when starting the car

we own a 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Limited Addition. When we get into our car, start the engine, press the break before putting it into gear the ABS light, Incline light, and traction control light come on and the gear shift locks up and we have to press the breaks several time before the gearshift unlocks but the lights stay on. Can anyone tell us what the heck is going on. Doesnt happen all the time, but about 90% of the time. Will never buy another Subaru.

Have you not had a mechanic look at this ? It should be an easy fix . It could just be a simple switch related to pressing the BRAKE pedal and could happen to any brand with that safety feature.

Yes I have spoke to a mechanic, but not a Subaru dealership mechanic. He doesn’t know but said there is a sensor in the brake lines that could be malfunction. He said there are 4 of them and if that was the problem each sensor cost 500.00 each plus labor. My problem is I’m female and hate taking my autos in not knowing anything because I’ve been taken for hundreds of dollars for repairs on past vehicles only to continue having the problems. I’m not rich, and bought a Subaru because I was told they were very reliable. I was told wrong. Thanks for your response though.

The fault codes in the Anti-lock Brake System control module will likely lead to a failing brake light switch. Subaru has a service bulletin for an improved brake light switch to address this problem.

Thank you for your response. I will try to check into this. I had my car put on a machine to tell me why these warning lights were coming on and why I was having these problems, but the mechanic said it shows nothing wrong.I am feeling more confident being able to walk in to the dealership with your ideas hoping to get my problem fixed without being taken for a month’s paycheck.

It’s a 2019 , should still be under warranty

Maybe yes, maybe no.
The OP tells us in the thread’s title that the car in question is a 2019 model, but the body of her post identifies it as a 2014 model. And, then there is the issue of the “breaks” on her Limited “Addition”.


Caught those, didn’t catch the 2014.

Sorry. That was a pre filled blank I didn’t change before sending in my question. It a 2014, not a 2019 and my warranty has ended.

First thing I’d recommend is that you find another mechanic. The wheel speed sensors at each wheel should not cost anywhere near $500 on a Subaru. Since you didn’t mention a check engine light, there wouldn’t be any codes to read on a regular code reader. A high end mechanics code reader should read ABS codes though.

I’m thinking brake light switch myself and that should only cost an arm, you get to keep the leg ;).

Do all three of the rear brake lights turn on when you step on the brake pedal? If not, fix that first. If that doesn’t solve it, then I’m thinking (guessing) there’s a problem with the brake pedal safety interlock. That’s used to prevent you (or your kids who’s left in the car while you get them a Big Gulp during a trip to 7-11) from shifting from P to D unless the brakes are applied.