Frontier vs tacoma

In the near future I will be buying a new truck. 4 door 4wd top of the line model. What opinions do you have regarding Nissan vs Toyota? I lean a little more to the Nissan based on looks. Dealers are close for both. I currently have a regular cab F150 but the grand kids need hauled around these days. I’m not needing a full size truck otherwise I’d go back to Ford.


I think the Tacoma platform is getting a little long in the tooth.

Most of the respectable magazines like the Frontier better

I believe that the Frontier has much better bang for the buck

I agree that the Tacoma has very good competition from the Frontier. I also agree that you can get a better deal on a Frontier initially. But, from experience in owning, then selling a plethora of Toyota trucks when it comes time to trade or sell, you will have no shortage of buyers. I sold everyone of my Toyota trucks for my asking price which I made sure was close or the same as a dealer’s asking price for a similar used truck. Private sales on other makes just don’t always match up that way. They do often with Tacos especially if you take care of the bodies.

I had one model, a 2 wd extra cab v6, where the buyer paid cash and refused to try it out as as he was in a hurry and said he trusted that the vehical ran as advertised. I still insisted i would return his money when he came to take delivery and he changed his mind. He never did and stories like this are typical in selling Toyota trucks. When Comparing buying new and later selling used, I never got such a good turnaround in any other vehical I have ever own. This, along with proven reliability keeps me coming back.

So, I would recomend you try one each out and if you definitely like the Frontier better, go for it. It’s a good solid truck. If they are close at all, jump on the Toyota even for a little more money. You will get your money back and more compared to a Frontier. Some will say it’s only because others drink the Toyota cool aid and know no better. Who cares, they WILL pay for it.

Check out the rear seat room before you buy. The Toyota has better fuel economy.

The Toyota probably has the edge in resale value but the Frontier is a great truck for the money. My only suggestion is to get a factory installed bed-liner or have a spray-in liner installed, a contributor to another website rented a Frontier from Zipcar and found the unlined bed to be dinged up and showing surface rust. The Tacoma comes with a composite inner bed which needs no liner. Buy the one you like the best, either one’s a good truck for what you need.