2019 Lincoln MKC - Hard downshifts

Hard downshift when climbing hills in Arizona

The vehicle is a year old and likely still under warranty. Take it back to the dealer. If someone says, “They all do that,” ask to drive another one and see if it’s true.

Try turning the overdrive off and see if that improves

Thanks for your reply.

Yep. The dealer pretty much shrugged their shoulders and said “It’ll be really hard to figure out…” When my wife asked them if they suggest she drive the car until it breaks, they made an appointment for her when the Service Manager was going to be in so they could take a little ‘road trip’ to duplicate the problem.

As long as he buys lunch…

We live in the Phoenix area, bought the car (used with 20K miles) at a dealer in St Louis because it was ‘just what she wanted’. I drove it back with no issues. She’s been driving it around the Phoenix area and made a trip to our ‘summer house’ in Wisconsin (going on the market if anyone is interested…) and back again to Arizona all with no issues. She had our grandkids with her and went to the cooler parts of Arizona (yep. We have them) on an overnight trip when the hard downshift started to rear it’s ugly head.

We’ll see what the Service Manager says. Everything I found on-line indicated issues with 2016 versions - not sure if it’s the same transmission.

More as I have it.

I’ll try that. Thanks. More as I have it.

Cool. As it happens, I live in St. Louis. If you don’t mind my asking, where did you buy it?

Dave Sinclair - the Ford store. It had been an Enterprise rental. I flew in, a driver collected me at the airport, delivered me to the store. All first class…

The Dave Sinclair dealership is well known hereabouts. Best of luck with your Lincoln. FWIW, you might want to have the transmission fluid changed on principle.

Thanks… I’ll have her do that.

For the life of me, I will probably never understand why people accept that type of behavior from dealerships without elevating their complaint to the corporate level. Manufacturers are usually responsive to complaints regarding their cheaper models, so I can’t imagine that Ford would’t try to help someone who owns one of their most expensive models.

Open your Owner’s Manual, locate the contact information for Ford’s Lincoln division, and begin with a phone call. Then, follow-up the call with a certified letter referencing the date and time of the phone call, and summarizing the problem.

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What was so special about this 2019 Lincoln MKC that required going that far for a used vehicle ?

Have you experienced it, or just her? If not, both of you can take her Lincoln to Flagstaff and back. See if it exhibits hard shifting. Maybe both of you can come up with a more detailed description for the dealer. I’m sure that Phoenix must have more than one dealer. If this one isn’t helpful, try another.

Color, model, equipment, miles, and most importantly- what my wife wanted as her next car