Scion hard shift 1-2 gear

08 Scion tc hard shifts from 1st to 2nd. Was new with 200 mi and sat on lot till 09. Feels like the trans spools up then clunks into gear if driving or coasting near 1-2 gear speeds. If accelerate very very lightly then then is shifting as smooth as can be otherwise it’s awful. No irresponsible driving and all maintenance is current. Dealer says all good.

How many miles on the odometer?

Is the Powertrain Warranty still in effect?

Have you contacted Toyota customer service, via the toll-free phone number in your Owner’s Manual?
And, if not–why not?

My car has 13956 miles and the dealer insists that this is normal. Dont know if I have exhausted all reasonable means before I cut the feet out from the people who I am obligated to trust in the future.

You are not obligated to go to a specific dealer for service–you can go to any Toyota dealer for warranty service. If you don’t trust them now, what makes you think you can trust them in the future?

Get documentation that you complained of this problem and the date and mileage, just in case it conks out 200 miles or 1 week after the warranty ends!

Whenever you feel that you are getting less-than-adequate service from a dealership’s service department, you should contact the folks at the corporate level.

There is definitely a difference in terms of both diligence and skills from one dealer’s service dept to another. As was said, changing dealerships is probably a good idea, but I would still suggest that you initiate contact with the Toyota customer service people in order to have a record of your complaint and to try to get the assistance of the regional service supervisor.

Does anyone know if this type of shifting is normal? If not, what could be the cause?