2019 Lexus ES 350 - rear speakers

Sound system… almost no sound coming from rear speakers. All adjustments have been tried and the dealer claimed initially they were aware of it (only in this model) and that a ‘software fix’ was in the works from Lexus.then, later, the story changed to ‘that’s the way the ‘sound engineer ‘ designed it…in order to sound more like a music venue and better for classical music! What’s the fix for this??

My initial suspicion is this dealer does not want to address the issue, explanation sounds bogus to me.
You can try a different dealer and elevate the concern up the chain to Lexus. Instructions on elevating the complaint is in your owners manual.


The fix is to go over the dealers head and contact Lexus directly. The contact info is in your owner’s manual.


Try the radio in another 2019 Lexus and see how that sounds.

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Whenever a dealer says “they all do it” and it’s a current model, or very recent used model, I’d ask to see another one on the lot. A Lexus dealer should certainly have plenty of 2019 ES350’s in stock–some new, some used, and some on “demonstrator duty”. See how the speakers sound in another 2019 ES350 (or two or three).