2014 Lexus ES 300h - No sound

my audio system in my 2014 ES300h is not producing sound. The radio and CD player work, but no sound. I am wondering if I am missing a fuse that is not located under the driver side hood and under the driver side dashboard.

The connection at the amplifier seems to be the common fault, Either loose wires or just needs cleaning at the terminals on the amp.

Sounds like an amplifier failure.

In the fuse box next to the battery check;

Fuse # 32 Amp 30 A
Fuse # 20 Amp No. 2 30A

For the drivers side instrument panel fuse box;

Fuse # 1 ECU-IG 1 No 2 10 A
Fuse # 17 Radio-Acc 5 A

First step, check the audio receive and amplifier unit for faults (with Toyota Tech Stream scanner), a shorted speaker can shut down the amplifier.

Thank you so much for your reply. I have checked both fuse panels, under the hood and dash. I remove and check each fuse using the continuity setting on my digital multimeter and every fuse was functioning properly. I will however check the receiver and amplifier units for faults. What are my options if the amplifier is the problem. I have read that Lexus wants $2600 for an amplifier. Also, where is the amplifier located on my 2014 Lexus ES300h? Thanks in advance for your continued assistance.
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IMHO your best option is a car audio shop. They can replace the entire unit for far less than the local Lexus dealer wants.

The external amp may be under one of the front seats or behind the glove box possibly. If the amplifier is found to be bad you can have it repaired. 1 Factory Radio should be able to do that for you. There are other repair places also. Make sure the amp is getting power to it.


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The amp is under the driver’s seat if i understand correctly, move the seat all the way forward and you can get to the amp without removing the seat. Unplug the amp and try plugging everything back in and see if it solves the problem. If not as Cougar suggested you can send the amp out to be repaired.


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I have removed the amp. It was under the driver’s seat. Fairly simple removal process. I live in Wilson, NC. It there a business that specializes in repair of amps. Also, will they run a diagnostics on the amp to make sure that it is indeed a malfunction on the part of the amp, before they repair/replace it? Thanks.

We don’t live near there. I suggest you do a web search for a shop near you. If nothing shows up, try Raleigh or Fayetteville.

A quick Google search for “car audio Wilson NC” turned up a couple of places. Pick one that’s close and take the amp to them.

One poster on club Lexus used a place called United radio in Syracuse NY, had it shipped there but goo it back fairly quickly. $475 at the time

They remanufacture all kinds of electronics and you can have them call or email with a diagnosis but more local shop might be able to look at it.

thank you so much. I didn’t have any luck in and around Wilson. I will call them tomorrow.