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2019 Lexus ES 300h gets fewer mpg than advertised

my 2019 Lexus 300h hybrid has been registering about 29 mpg in town and not more than 35,5 on the road… far below the 44/45 advertised when i bought it six months ago.
also after start, it sounds like engine comes on within seconds even though still in garage. Does not show power when it sounds like engine is on. suspect its on more often than indicted on dash. called device. said oh…coler weather can do that. NO… not 40% diff. that nuts. They have not followed through May sell it quick.

ES300h owners are getting 35 to 38 MPG in my area, there are a lot of traffic lights and the weather is over 100 degrees during the summer.

If you have the heater on the engine will need to run to supply heat for the interior. If you are interested in higher MPG numbers drive with the heater off for the first 4 miles.

Don’t give up so easily, with some driving adjustments your fuel economy values will be much higher.

It’ll cost a lot more than those MPG differences if you get rid of a 2019 car so soon.

Are you in a cold area? That kills mpgs.

he Bought it used. Probably got a nice discount? Probably could sell it without a huge loss.

The EPA estimates aren’t meant to be tell you what gas mileage you will get. The numbers are meant to compare vehicles, similar vehicles from other manufacturers would also get much lower mileage than the advertised EPA numbers.

Where did he say he bought it used ? 6 months ago is 2019 .