2016 Lexus ES 300h gas mileage drop

My gas mileage on 2016 ES300H went from 40MPG to 35 MPG. Anyone else experience tis problem. Took it in for service, they said everything checked out, nothing wrong!!

Yes, have seen other posts like this. Quite possible as the battery ages the gas motor has to run more.

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Nearly all ES300h vehicles that I have seen get 35 mpg during the summer months. The A/C is a big electrical load, the engine needs to run more often.


Thx, that actually makes sense, I live in Florida!

Yep, a/c. Affects my hybrid the same way in Dallas. Too new to be a battery problem, in my opinion.

Do make sure your tires are fully inflated ( I add 2 psi to the value on the sticker) when you measure them first thing in the morning. Mine is also affected by tires being just a few pounds low.

One other possibility - have you gotten new tires lately?

I have, does that make a difference??

It depends.
The car came from the factory with tires that had low rolling resistance.
Did you buy new tires that also have low rolling resistance?
If not, that mistake could easily lop 1 or 2 mpg off of your figures.

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Even if the new tires are the same as the originals, they are heavier and squishier. Both mean some loss in MPG. Check tire pressure - maybe yours are underinflated, for more MPG loss.

AC use would have affected MPG the previous three years.
Tires and battery efficiency still more likely, IMHO.

I dropped 2 mpg when I changed tires on my MKZ hybrid. Same basic size and drivetrain as the ES300h.