2019 Kia Sorento sunroof not closing

I have a KIA Sorento GT Line manufactured on May 2019 and handed to me on July 2019. The problem on panoramic sunroof not closing happened on March 25, 2024 at 32,025km run. I’ve often used the sunroof whenever the weather and ambient temperatures are bearable to lessen the use of aircon. I’ve opened the sunroof during that morning for a short drive and when closing it after arriving at my destination, it only closes halfway when the sunshade suddenly stops and the sunroof glass retracted back open halfway as well. I’ve tried assisting the sunshade to close after pushing the button close but only moved about 6 inches then stopped and the glass sunroof retracted back again to open halfway. I’ve tried opening it fully and went well to fully open both the sunshade and sunroof glass. Push the switch back to fully close but the same thing happened with both the sunshade and sunroof moved back open to halfway. Called the KIA service centre for booking but have to wait for a week for them to see the problem.

I would take it to a body shop and nicely ask them if they can cover it for a few weeks, they should have thick plastic and adhesive that will not damage your paint and hold up under interstate speeds… It worked for a friend while they waited a couple months for their repair to get done…

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No experience w/you car, but the motorized sunroof presumably simply slides back and forth into the desired position. Suggest to make a visual inspection of the sliding tracks. There may be dirt or accumulated debris from the winter that is causing it to stick, not slide freely.