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2019 Kia Optima - Fuels

Ok so you explained octane to me very well. Now, what about this: Do I actually have to be concerned or look for gasoline that has enthanol versus Methanol? Or what does all this mean?

If you are in the US the chance of finding Methanol fuel is almost impossible unless you are driving a race car on a track. Your Optima should just use 87 unleaded fuel with 10% Ethanol and that is what you will find almost every where.

Gasoline sold at pumps in the USA ONLY contain ethanol, never methanol. Pump gas (E10) contains less than 10% ethanol, or for some cars that can use it, E85 with contains less than 85% ethanol. I don’t recommend you use it even if your car says you can. Some areas sell E0, or gas without any ethanol usually for use in boats or lawn equipment.

What does it mean?? Follow the recommendations clearly outlined in your owners manual and all will be good!