I thought that ethanol in too high a concentration in gasoline could do damage to a car. Is this true? If true, what will the suggested government regulation of twice the amount of ethanol in gasoline do to older cars? Will the cars driving life and its value speed to zero? Will there be gas additives (or are there now additives and if so what) to counter the actions of the ethanol? Thanks


Almost all cars can use 10% to 15% ethanol blends. If your car is especially old, contact the manufacturer. They should be able to give you guidance. BTW, E10 is the blend most often used to replace gasoline with MTBE.


Agree. You can use up to 15% ethanol. Many of GM’s new vehicles and some Chrysler products can burn E85, which means 85% ethanol. These are called flex fuel vehicles. They have specially designed fuel lines, etc. to combat corrosion, and the computer automatically adjusts to the different burning characteristics. Do not put this E85 in your standard car!


thanks, good tip dave