2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee stopped dead

We bought our Jeep Cherokee brand new less than 3 months ago and it suddenly stopped, in the middle of heavy traffic. We almost got rear-ended many times. I took it back to the selling and the selling yelled at me for not changing oil. I have never had a car that just suddenly stop dead because I forgot to change oil. Most ridiculous thing is that the selling told me that the car burns synthetic oil, so I had to get oil change on a monthly basis. This is ridiculous. Why isn’t Jeep dosing anything about this issue. It is so dangerous. Are we all waiting for some tragic death, like the Toyota incidence! Anyone have any advice on what to do? I am terrified of driving the car now.

The title says 2013 Jeep… you say brand new 3 months ago. New to you? Or is this Jeep a 2019? If it is a 2019, the dealer should fix this under warranty. If it is a 2013…read below

First off, the car is 6 years old with an undisclosed amount of miles. Things break. It may be inconvienient or even dangerous, but cars do stop running unexpectedly.

Second, DO you change the oil? Did the Jeep stop because the engine failed?

Finally, NO you don’t need to change oil every month. Read your owners manual, it will tell you IF you need synthetic oil, what type and how often to change it.

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Is this actually a ’ New ’ vehicle because your heading says 2013 . Monthly oils changes ? What kind of an idiot says that . If this is a new vehicle you can use any Jeep dealer.

How many miles do you drive in a month and how did you buy a brand new 2013, 3 months ago. Your owners manual will tell you how often to change the oil,
Did the engine stop because it seized from being out of oil?

I doubt the guy said that, he probably told you to check the oil monthly which is true . IT is up to YOU to make sure it doesnt run low on oil . If its a 2013 then it probably has a lot of miles which makes it even more important to check the oil . Things break on a 6 year old car . To just die thoughts are fuel pump if it doesnt start at all now . If it is brand new 2019 then that is frustrating .

Why are you replying to me ? I don’t have a problem. And I do check my oil on a regular basis.